Rutbuster (Centre Pivot)

Talk to a farmer about his centre-pivot irrigator and you will inevitably find yourself talking about the problems caused by wheel tracks or ruts, about irrigators getting stuck and breaking drive mechanisms (usually in the middle of the night).

Wheel ruts have up to now been an inevitable consequence of operating a centre-pivot irrigator. Because the wheels travel along the same circular path on each and every revolution, the ground on this path becomes slightly depressed and from this point on water collects in these depressions and they become a rut for the water to run in. The water will then make its way to the lowest parts (deepest ruts) to present an even bigger problem on the next pass. The strain on the irrigator to drive the wheels along these ruts becomes greater and greater with each revolution, until the machine fails.

Filling ruts is only the start to the solution. They need to be filled properly, safely and efficiently. The ICS Manufacturing Rutbuster accomplishes this in a single pass. The one man operation makes it easy to fill ruts of virtually any depth.


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